Well hello there, don’t you look nice today. Listen, I don’t want to bore you with a long- winded introduction. I’m a serious man who’s here to talk about some serious science. I’m talking about physiology my friends, a topic that has baffled human beings ever since we first rode into town on our mastodons beating our hairy chests…our sheep skin lab coats fluttering in the wind (may not be historically accurate). Why talk about physiology? Well let’s just say that most of us have at least a few academic skeletons locked away in our metaphorical closets, huddled around the endocrine system for warmth (I’ve named mine Carl and Geoffrey). I’m willing to put in some serious coffee shop hours to find you the sexiest, most upbeat, Nobel prize worthy explanations for some of the fussiest topics in physiology and human biology. I’m not just sitting around sipping Earl Grey and watching Grey’s Anatomy with my pinkie out. I’m here to get you on your way to academic rock stardom one biochemical pathway, organ system, and immunologic response at a time. My name is André. I prefer mountain streams over sandy beaches, mojitos over margaritas, and I dig physiology. The End.

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