Special Requests

That’s right, this is where you tell me what burning physiology questions you have (that intellectual burning not the kind you tell your doctor about). If I really dig your question or I have to spend more than 5 minutes looking it up not only will I respond to your comment, but I will dedicate an entire article to that topic. What’s that…you say you don’t need me to explain something that you could just as easily find the answers to online. Well of course you don’t “need” me to explain it. The Karate Kid didn’t “need” the bandana. Walker, Texas Ranger can spin kick just fine without the hat. If you just want the facts then feel free to glean Wikipedia or dust off the ole encyclopedia that’s balancing your microwave. If you want physiology with style, swag, and that down home, personal touch like grandma used to make then I’m here for you my friends. Simply leave your question as a comment and I’ll be all over it like cheap wine on khaki slacks. Take care or take everything 🙂

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