Fun Facts – toxic

Ever wonder where our word “toxic” comes from? That’s OK if you haven’t…I mean, that’s why you have me. The word actually has its roots in ancient Greek mythology (like what doesn’t). The Greeks have a word, toxon, which can refer to the bow, the arrows, or both. In fact there is another word, toxicum, which literally means poison for arrows. Random right? Don’t judge the ancient Greeks.

As the myth goes that legendary stud, Hercules once slayed a giant, nine-headed sea serpent called the Hydra. You know how it is, you’re surfing a half pipe wave off the coast of Baja when a giant serpent tries to eat you and every time you chop one of its heads off they just grow right back. Anyway, Hercules was having similar drama that day. Long story short, he puts the smack down on this monster and dips his toxons (arrows) in the serpent’s poisonous blood. BAM!!! That’s where we get toxic. No no, thank you.

Stay curious, stay classy, and never stop learning my friends 😉

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